Tom Stodulka has an extensive track record in assisting parties to resolve even the most difficult of conflicts and disputes. His 25 year practice deals with a wide cross section of matters from relationship conflict to multi-million dollar commercial disputes, from small business to large corporations. He has been at the forefront in assisting all parties impacted by historic abuse, including victims and organisations managing the claims. He has one of the largest mentoring and supervisory practices for ADR practitioners in Australia.

Tom is in demand from within his broad membership of Statewide and National panels including the Resolution Institute, the Australian Mediation Association, Brisbane Mediations, several Legal Aid and pro bono panels, the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre, the Queensland Law Society, the Courts, InterMediate, Mindful Mediations, the AMA Academic Advisory Board, Bond University Conflict Resolution Service, the Qld Conflict Resolution Service, the Office of Franchise Mediation Advisor, several Industry bodies, the Elder Mediation Australasian Network, Heather Hill Pathways, Relationships Australia, Family Relationship Centres and Northern Mediators.


Mediation, co-mediation, concilation and facilitation.

With over 4,000 mediation matters across most Australian jurisdictions, Tom Stodulka provides a highly professional and confidential service to his clients in a wide spectrum of family, workplace, elder, aged care, wills, and estate matters for commercial and community disputes and conflict.

Using a traditional facilitative model of mediation, blended with evaluative and transformative styles to meet the individual needs of each situation, he is able to offer his clients a highly personalised and unique service.

Tom has almost 25 years of experience as an ADR practitioner, having worked within Federal, State, Territory and Local Government; as well as community agencies, the community and the private sector. He enjoys national and family dispute resolution mediation accreditation under the auspices of the Federal Attorney-General.


Conflict Coaching in the workplace, organisation and family conflict.

Tom Stodulka is a qualified conflict coach and has added coaching services to his extensive ADR repertoire invaluable in assisting clients to prepare for and deal with difficult situations, conflicts and disputes.

Ideal for family matters, workplaces, and organisations, clients can be assisted to handle the most difficult scenarios. There is something hugely empowering through a one-on-one dynamic between coach and coachee, where through a coaching model the coachee is better able to achieve their goals and move forward.

Coaching is often used where a coachee wishes to prepare themselves for a difficult conversation or meeting, as well as for an actual mediation.


Coaching, mentoring and supervision of ADR trainees and practitioners.

As a specialist and advanced mediator and ADR practitioner, Tom Stodulka has established a successful practice as a coach, mentor and supervisor of trainee, graduate and experienced mediators in Australia and New Zealand.

He fulfils this role for a number of Universities, national ADR organisations, Government Departments and Agencies, the Queensland Law Society, and for community sector ADR practitioners. He has supported many newly established practitioners wishing to form networks and enjoy an exchange of information in the business of ADR.